Wonderful massages and treatments to help you relax at the Alpenhof wellness hotel.

A bit to the left... yes, there... right there!

Aah, just the right pressure. Oh yes – that must have been just the point that always caused those headaches…
This, or something similar, is how a relaxing back massage feels at our Alpenhof wellness hotel: carefully yet powerfully applied, and individually adapted to the needs and preferences of each guest.
The sensation is so good that you secretly wish that the masseuse and her magic hands would forget the time and just continue with the massage, forever.

Relaxation for Mum, Dad and teens
Our Teens Specials are particularly popular with youngsters, allowing them to relax and chill. Meanwhile Mum loves the effects of her facial treatment with the Alpienne care line and Dad enjoys a fragrant aromatic oil massage.

The other applications are pretty good too. What about a Hot Stone Massage? Or an arnica body wrap? And have you tried our honey peeling treatment? No? Then it’s about time!

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