At the 4-star Hotel Alpenhof breathtaking views of the Dolomites are part of the deal.

The grey giants with the power to amaze us.

There they stand, regal and proud – the grey giants with the power to amaze us.
Our beloved Dolomites came into being as the African continent drifted against Europe.
The different rock layers we see correspond to different ages.
This is also why they were in 2009 designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.
They are truly great, these beautiful, awesome Dolomites. Marvel at them open-mouthed: but please don’t forget to close your mouth after a while, otherwise a nasty insect might fly in.

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo, one of the most striking rock formations in the Dolomites, are not far from our Alpenhof family hotel: very popular with climbers, they soar up to 2,999 metres.

The Dolomites can be admired from various perspectives: from the Kronplatz, for example, from any number of dairy huts or on the 9-km Dolomitenblick tour, a moderately difficult route that leads directly through Niederrasen.

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