The family hotel in the midst of South Tyrol’s breathtaking natural world.

Shhh... keep quiet! Very quiet!

Don’t move – but a small, dry branch cracks and the little deer leaps away. Oh, what a shame!
Well, if we wait a little longer, we are sure to see other animals: foxes, squirrels, our bear Pino… maybe even one of the dragons that people had long thought extinct. Now it’s time to watch, creep about and read the tracks.


Reading tracks and finding your way.
It’s all about nature for our nature detectives in Rasen-Antholz.
How do I best camouflage myself? What does the deer’s footprint look like? How do I find my way in the forest without a GPS or mobile signal? That and much more besides can be learnt from the trained nature guides and experts from South Tyrol.


A love for nature.
The children learn to find their way in the natural world. They climb, fish, read tracks and observe different animals.
Who knows, maybe this unique journey of discovery, where children can make full use of their curiosity and their urge to get out and about will even lay the foundations of a lifelong love for nature?

The nature detective camp is offered all year round. It can be booked as an inclusive special at no extra cost. All that kids need is good clothing and sturdy footwear, as well as a large dose of curiosity and a wish to discover things.

And perhaps an extra portion of courage, because maybe there are one or two dragons still lurking in the forests of Rasen-Antholz?

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